Financial Contributions to Political Parties

Financial Contributions to Political Parties

Pursuant to its internal Political Education and Contributions Protocol, in 2022, Avangrid had cash contributions in the state level, totalizing $ 589,000. Avangrid did not have any in-kind political contributions in the federal and state levels. 

According to the Avangrid Anti-Corruption Policy, under no circumstances shall Avangrid funds be used to make political contributions that constitute illegal corruption or bribery, or to political parties or candidates in countries other than the U.S., even if such contributions are permitted by the laws of the respective country.

Avangrid’s compliance organization conducts compliance and ethics due diligence on third parties, an industry-leading practice, including for proposed political activities and contributions to prevent corruption and bribery. Proposed activities and contributions are then referred to a special oversight committee of Avangrid executive leaders for approval, to ensure these activities are aligned with Avangrid’s publicly stated policies and purpose. 

That way, politically-related endorsements, contributions, and solicitations by the company must be authorized by this special oversight committee following consultation with Compliance, Legal and Government Affairs, and politically-related contributions and membership requests are also flagged in our vendor payment systems to ensure review prior to payment. 

The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics includes guidance on employees participating in political and civic activities. 

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