Board Committees

Board Committees

The Avangrid Board of Directors has established five standing committees — the Audit Committee, the Compensation and Nominating Committee, the Governance and Sustainability Committee, the Executive Committee, and the Unaffiliated Committee — and one ad hoc committee — the Special Committee. Below is a list of the members of the Board of Directors and the committees on which they serve.

Director Audit Committee Compensation and Nominating Committee Executive Committee Governance and Sustainability Committee Unaffiliated Committee Special Committee
Ignacio S. Galán     Chairperson      
John E. Baldacci         Member Chairperson
Daniel Alcain López            
Pedro Azagra Blázquez     Member     Member
María Fátima Báñez García     Member Chairperson    

Agustín Delgado Martín

Robert Duffy         Chairperson  
Teresa Herbert Member          
Patricia Jacobs   Member     Member  
John Lahey   Chairperson Member      
Santiago Martínez Garrido           Member
José Sáinz Armada   Member Member Member    
Alan D. Solomont Chairperson          
Camille Joseph Varlack Member     Member    

The Secretary of the Compensation and Nominating Committee and Governance and Sustainability Commtitee is Antonio Morales [PDF]. The Secretary of the Executive Committee and the Special Committee is R. Scott Mahoney [PDF]

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