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Making an impact across the Nation

The Avangrid Foundation gives primarily to organizations and partners with a presence in the communities in which we operate both in our everyday work and in those times and places of extraordinary crisis or special need. We also invest with prominent partners that are making a difference locally, nationally and globally in the areas of education and research, climate action, social justice and sustainable development. 




Information for Grant Seekers

Grant seekers should read the Avangrid Foundation Funding Guidelines prior to contacting the Foundation.

  Avangrid Foundation Funding Guidelines

The Avangrid Foundation does not have an open call for general proposals or applications. Funding is typically offered via invitation in consultation with a wide number of stakeholders. 

Please note that the Foundation does not oversee corporate giving, corporate sponsorships or corporate contributions from AVANGRID or subsidiary companies including but not limited to scholarships/internships, events, fundraisers, sports-related engagements, direct/employee/alumni activities, marketing or advertising. The Foundation does not administer programs related to customer care, fuel support and energy efficiency.


Community-based Organizations & Local Giving*​

As part of overall giving the Foundation does support a limited number of qualified programs with Community-based Organizations (CBOs) in collaboration with our local subsidies. Due to the number of inquiries and the scope of the Foundation footprint, we work closely with our colleagues to evaluate potential partnerships that may serve a single community and to enhance these relationships through funding, when appropriate. CBOs seeking to enter into the Foundation process are suggested to confer with our locally-based colleagues first.

For related inquiries, please contact the AVANGRID community –facing offices directly via the links below: 


*CBOS for the purposes of the Avangrid Foundation are not-for-profit entities with activities at a single community level aimed at bringing about improvement in the social well-being of individuals, small groups and neighborhoods.


General Inquires 

For general inquiries please email:


For questions related to AVANGRID’s Corporate Social Responsibly policy or AVANGRID Corporate giving programs and guidelines, please contact AVANGRID’s Compliance department.


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