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Employee Giving & Volunteering


Avangrid is committed to building healthier, more sustainable communities that thrive. Therefore, we are proud to offer the Energized for Good program, a partnership between Avangrid and the Avangrid Foundation.  The Avangrid Foundation is committed to extending the philanthropic reach of Avangrid 7,000 plus employees throughout the United States.  As part of this commitment, the Foundation is a partner to The Avangrid Employee Giving Program, Energized for Good.

Avangrid employees can contributions to or volunteer with the causes they care about, with thousands of qualifying non-profit organizations eligible nationwide. The newly expanded program, launched in early 2021, builds on a legacy of generations of Avangrid employees who dedicate their time, talent and funds toward helping others and sustaining vibrant and vital communities.

There are two ways you can get ‘energized for good.' Here’s how.


Avangrid employees, their friends and family across our service territories devote their time and talent to the causes they care about. Whether it is cleaning up a park, donating blood, preparing hot meals or serving as a volunteer firefighter, serve on a not-for-profit board or EMT, Team Avangrid answered the call, and we can’t thank you all enough for the impact you continue to have in our communities. 

Avangrid has a goal of reaching 35,000 volunteer hours by 2025, and in 2022, thanks to employee efforts, we exceeded our annual goal of 7,000 hours by 54% for a total of 10,796 hours—thank you!

Building on momentum from 2022 successes Avangrid's volunteer goal for 2023, is 14,000 hours. To meet – and exceed – that goal, we are again looking for your help in organizing and leading local volunteer events. If you would like to host Avangrid employees for an event, please contact energizedforgood@avangrid.com for assistance and to ensure your organization is eligible and that your event is tracked properly.  

When Employees volunteer for an eligible organization, their impact is two-fold. That’s because for every hour an Avangrid employee volunteers to an eligible organization, the Avangrid Foundation will donate $15 to that organization – up to $1,500 (or 100 volunteer hours) per employee.


There are over two-million qualifying non-profit organizations to give to directly listed on the Energized for Good platform. For these qualifying organizations, the Avangrid Foundation will match employee giving 50 cents for every dollar up to $1,500 per year. Donations can be made through payroll deduction or credit card payment, and donation matches can also be requested via manual receipt upload.

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