Employees First

Putting Our Employees First


We consider our employees to be Avangrid’s most strategic asset. Avangrid cares for all its employees and endeavors to offer a good, safe working environment based on equal opportunity that cultivates diversity, inclusion, professional development, and work-life balance. The principles of our people management model are aimed at enabling Avangrid to recruit, promote, and retain talent, encourage the personal and professional growth of its workforce, and empower all employees to share in Avangrid’s success while furthering Avangrid’s strategic objectives.      

Our Corporate Policies describe in more detail our Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments and principles, and are part of our comprehensive Governance and Sustainability System

To learn more about Avangrid’s progress in the above areas, we invite you to view our Scorecards or read through our most recent Sustainability Report. You can also visit the People & Talent section of our website.

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