Do You Want to Become an AVANGRID Supplier

Do You Want to Become an AVANGRID Supplier?


a common corporate purchasing model

For improving and digitalizing Avangrid’s Procurement Department, we have transformed the purchasing and supplier management platform by making significant changes. These changes include making a shift to the cloud-based SAP/Ariba system.

One of the most significant changes in this process is the launch of a new Supplier Management System, GoSupply (*).

GoSupply is gradually replacing the previous supplier registration and classification systems that the Iberdrola group has been operating in different geographical areas.

AVANGRID is responsible for the entire cost of the new Supplier Management System, therefore, suppliers are not required to pay any annual subscriptions.

Depending on the critical nature of the supplier, Iberdrola group will require a certain level of registration and classification on the new platform:

1. Elementary Level:  Applications from NEW suppliers.

2. Basic Level: Active, but not critical, suppliers of non-strategic goods and/or services or those which are not technically complex and purchases for minor amounts.

3. 360º Level: Suppliers of strategic and critical products and/or services and purchases for significant sums or a large contracting volume. Purchases under framework arrangements.

For existing Iberdrola group suppliers (Basic and 360º level) the transition process and registration on the new platform will be carried out by electronic invitation. Suppliers will soon be invited in accordance with sustainability and risk management criteria defined for the Iberdrola group's supply chain. Therefore, if you are already a supplier, you do NOT need to register on the Elementary level.

The Elementary level is the first step to become a future AVANGRID supplier.


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