At the center of our decisions

Avangrid is committed to building meaningful and productive relationships with its Stakeholders and views Stakeholders as an integral part of its business operations. 
The Stakeholder Engagement Policy outlines Avangrid’s purpose, principles and responsibilities in stakeholder engagement.

Principles of relationships with our stakeholders

  • responsibility: act responsibly and build relationships based on ethics, integrity, sustainable development, and respect for human rights and the communities affected by the activities of the Avangrid Group.
  • transparency: ensure transparency in relationships, and in financial and non-financial communications, sharing truthful, relevant, complete, clear, reliable, and useful information.
  • active listening:  encourage the practice of active listening, encouraging effective two-way communication as well as direct, fluid, constructive, diverse, inclusive, and intercultural dialogue.
  • participation and engagement: encourage the participation and engagement of Stakeholders in the Avangrid Group’s activities 
  • consensus: work towards consensus with Stakeholders, especially with local communities and indigenous populations, taking their viewpoints and expectations into consideration.
  • collaboration: promote collaboration with Stakeholders to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
  • continuous improvement: seek continuous improvement, regularly reviewing Stakeholder engagement mechanisms to ensure efficient and relevant responses.
  • communication: establish and monitor communication channels to involve Stakeholders in Avangrid’s activities.

Avangrid’s Stakeholders

Avangrid’s Stakeholders are those individuals, groups of individuals or organizations that affect and/or could be affected by Avangrid’s activities, products or services and associated performance. Our key Stakeholders include Customers, Communities (including Regulatory entities, Social representatives, people affected by our facilities & Media) Avangrid’s People, Shareholders & the Financial Community, Supply chain, and the Environment. 


Avangrid leverages a stakeholder engagement model that seeks to increase transparency and understanding  and is aligned with international standards AA 1000 SES (2015) and best practice in sustainability indexes.

Our Corporate Policies describe in more detail our Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments and principles, and are part of our comprehensive Governance and Sustainability System.

To learn more about Avangrid’s progress in the above areas, we invite you to view our Scorecards or read through our most recent Sustainability Report.

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