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Networks Governance And Sustainability System

The Board of Directors of Avangrid Networks, Inc. (the “Company” or “Avangrid Networks”) oversees the management of Avangrid Networks and its business with a view to enhancing the long-term value of Avangrid Networks for its shareholders. Avangrid Networks’ governance and sustainability system is inspired by and based on a commitment to ethical principles, transparency, and leadership in the application of best practices in good governance and is designed to be a working structure for principled actions, effective decision-making, and appropriate monitoring of both compliance and performance. The Company’s By-Laws, the Corporate Policies, the internal corporate governance rules, and the other internal codes and procedures approved or adopted by Avangrid Networks’ Board of Directors form the framework of governance of Avangrid Networks. Avangrid Networks’ governance and sustainability system is periodically reviewed by the Board of Directors and is subject to modification from time to time. Avangrid Networks is a member of the Avangrid group of companies, of which, Avangrid, Inc. is the controlling member. Avangrid Networks' governance and sustainability system reflects and is consistent with the main principles and policies that constitute the Avangrid governance and sustainability system. Additional information about the corporate governance system of the Company's parent, Avangrid, is available here.

The following link provides access to the full text of Avangrid Networks By-Laws [PDF], which is also contained in the book of the Avangrid Networks Governance and Sustainability System [PDF], adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on April 11, 2023.



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