In today’s global landscape, cybersecurity has become more integral to Avangrid’s business proposition than ever before. Global wars, supply-chain disruptions, the acceleration of emerging technology, and physical acts of sabotage against the grid all point to a dynamic threat environment that is rapidly quickly expanding.

Despite these growing challenges, Corporate Security remains squarely focused on proactively positioning Avangrid to reduce risk, both today and in the months and years to come. 

This includes Avangrid’s continued pursuit of a “best in class” security program, underpinned by a robust, enterprise-wide cyber risk management program. 

Cyber hygiene best practices remain a critical element of Avangrid's cybersecurity posture, so Corporate Security continues to prioritize fostering a culture of security throughout the organization. The Training and Awareness program provides the recognition and education needed to minimize employee practices that could expose the company to cyber and physical security risks. Training and awareness is provided through our annual mandatory trainings, in-person meetings and webinars, various internal communication channels, and regular phishing simulations.

Along with cybersecurity training for our employees and contractors, we have expanded training to include targeted and specialized training, including cybersecurity training for our Board of Directors. This helps support our position in ensuring best practices in corporate governance.

Our Corporate Governance Policies describe in more detail our Risk Management commitments and principles, and are part of our comprehensive Governance and Sustainability System

To learn more about Avangrid’s progress in the above areas, we invite you to read through our most recent Sustainability Report.

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