Participation in Associations

Participation in Associations

Avangrid has strong governance, processes, and controls in place to ensure that contributions and association memberships are aligned with the company’s overall corporate governance, purpose, and values.

The company decides whether to participate in entities and associations based on how such a group could support our priorities, including advancing energy transition, and the fight against climate change. In 2023, Avangrid participated more than 120 organizations.

2023 Information will be released soon.

Click here to see the 2022 List of Associations.


Alignment with Paris Agreement

Avangrid discloses association memberships and alignment with Avangrid’s climate change policies and targets that are aligned with above mention Statement and Paris Agreement goal for associations where the fees, relevance and impact are material. The determination of materiality is based on an assessment of the facts and circumstances but will generally include annual fees more than $500,000 for purposes of this reporting requirement. 

2023 Climate Analysis of Trade Associations information will be released soon
Click here to see the 2022 analysis. 

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