Technology Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Driving the Transformation Toward the Digital Utility

AVANGRID embraces innovation as a core value. We understand that our employees provide the energy and innovation that drives AVANGRID, enabling us to continue putting customers first and to succeed in a competitive market. Continuous adaptation and impactful change will drive decisions across our businesses. Innovation is what propels our success. We invest significantly in people, technological processes and platforms to unlock innovation across our businesses.

The Digital Utility

AVANGRID is evolving the digitization of customer service, grid management and analytics to deliver valuable customer solutions and continuous improvement in the quality of our service. We are actively replacing aging infrastructure with modern solutions, using new technologies for enhanced resilience and to enable smarter customer energy management.

Offshore Wind

We are leading the drive to develop offshore wind energy, entering the market with two projects under development off the coasts of Massachusetts and North Carolina. Our projects combines AVANGRID’s extensive experience building renewable energy in the United States with Iberdrola’s global experience with offshore wind power projects.

Electric Vehicles

AVANGRID sees electric vehicles as a key step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We’re developing a road map to promote electric vehicles and to provide a vision for the infrastructure that will be needed to support them — from charging stations to new rate structures.


A microgrid is a self-contained, hardened grid with a dedicated power source that can function even when storms or other events knock out power to the surrounding grid. Learn how an AVANGRID subsidiary helped provide a Connecticut community with “always-on” service powered by clean energy.


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