At the center of our decisions

We are developing a responsible and sustainable business model which believes in keeping Stakeholders involved and bringing them shared added value.

AVANGRID’s commitment to transforming the current energy model towards a new one in which the priority is the well-being of people, and the conservation of the planet is reflected in the Purpose and Values of the Avangrid Group, listening: 

  • to stakeholders and responding thoughtfully to their concerns and ideas are vital to the success of Avangrid's businesses, 
  • to the contribution to the social dividend of the Iberdrola group, and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the member states of the United Nations. This is not possible without the strong engagement of Avangrid's stakeholders. Avangrid engages formally and informally with a broad range of stakeholders on an ongoing basis, including, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, shareholders and the financial community, and the media. The Board of Directors oversees the strategy and general structure of Avangrid's stakeholder engagement based on the principles of responsibility, transparency, active listening, participation, consensus, cooperation, and continuous improvement. Avangrid has developed a stakeholder engagement process and model that guides Avangrid leaders in setting specific engagement strategies and ensures appropriate coordination and compliance with ethical principles, the Governance and Sustainability System, and all applicable laws, regulations and risk management.

Avangrid has eight priority Stakeholder categories:



Shareholders and Financial Community


  Regulatory Entities






 Society at Large


 The Environment

Behind them are millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of institutions, organizations and groups. All of them, with their decisions and opinions, influence the company and are also affected by our activities.

In addition, these Stakeholders interact with each other, creating a universe of relationships that Avangrid needs to manage to achieve a better understanding of the environment where the company operates for more sustainable performance in our activities.


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