Sustainable Use of Resources


Reducing our carbon footprint and helping lead the transition to a clean energy economy is a critical component of our environmental commitments. As a company with operations across 24 states, we are also focused on reducing our environmental footprint beyond our carbon emissions. Our work here includes a focus on the sustainable use of resources, protecting biodiversity and reducing our environmental footprint associated with waste generation and water usage.

Efforts to minimize our environmental footprint are central in advancing environmental protection across our operations. As part of our commitment to the sustainable use of resources, we have an overarching policy with the environment in mind. This policy requires that we:

  • Work to improve the economic circularity of our business activities – and that of our suppliers.
  • Commit to the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Implement lifecycle analyses.
  • Commit to the eco-design of our business infrastructure.
  • Apply the waste hierarchy and the optimization of waste management as well as the use of recycled materials.

We bring the sustainable use of resources to life by recycling equipment and materials at end of life (including materials That would otherwise end up as solid waste like scrap metal, as well as hazardous liquids like mineral oil). We are also implementing a process to grade our vendors on their environmental sustainability.

We apply this policy and these practices broadly across our operations, from our network infrastructure to the construction of photovoltaic installations, onshore and offshore wind facilities, and more.

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