Participation in Associations

Participation in Associations

Avangrid has strong governance, processes, and controls in place to ensure that contributions and association memberships are aligned with the company’s overall corporate governance, purpose, and values.

The company decides whether to participate in entities and associations based on how such a group could support our priorities, including advancing energy transition, and the fight against climate change. In 2023, Avangrid participated in more than 240 associations and alliances.  Click here to see the list. *


Alignment with Paris Agreement

Avangrid discloses its trade and industry association1 memberships and how these organizations align with our climate change policies and targets, with regards to the Paris Agreement goal for associations where the fees, relevance and impact are significant. The determination of significancy is based on an assessment of the relevant facts and circumstances but will generally include annual fees of more than $500,000.  

In 2023, three organizations met these criteria: Edison Electric Institute (EEI), American Gas Association (AGA), and American Clean Power (ACP). In addition to that, Avangrid highlighted two other institutions with presence on advocating for climate topics – Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) and The Business Council of New York State (BCNYS).  

Climate Analysis of Trade and Industry Associations 




* Institutions that received fees more than $500,00: American Clean Power, American Gas Association, Edson Electric Institute and Electric Power Research Institute. Only ACP, AGA, and EE are classified as trade & industry associations- 501(c)(6) Business Leagues.

* Associations & alliances: include membership associations and international and national advocacy institutions that Avangrid participated in 2023, as chambers of commerce, coalitions, forums, committees, research alliances, councils, and networking group. Overall, they are classified as 501(c)(6) Business Leagues, 501(c)(3) Public Charity, 501(c)(4) Civic Leagues and Social Welfare Organizations, 501(c)(3) Private Non-Operating Foundation, among others.

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