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AVANGRID Rings the Bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Iberdrola SA Chairman Ignacio Galán (center) is joined by AVANGRID CEO James P. Torgerson (left) and AVANGRID Board member John Lahey (right) as the AVANGRID Board and executives ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, December 17. AVANGRID (NYSE:AGR) began trading today on the exchange. (Photo: NYSE/Valerie Caviness)

AVANGRID Rings the Bell


AVANGRID Group Executives      

James Torgerson         

Robert Kump 
       Avangrid Networks

Frank Burkhartsmeyer
       President and CEO,
       Avangrid Renewables

Daryl W. Gee
       President and CEO,
       Enstor Gas, LLC


Sara Burns
       President and CEO,
       Central Maine Power

Mark Lynch
       President and CEO,
       NYSEG and RG&E


AVANGRID Logo       



Berkshire Gas

Berkshire Gas Corporate        Office

Berkshire Gas Field Work 1

Berkshire Gas Field Work 2

Berkshire Gas Drill Head        Field Work 3

Berkshire Gas Extraction        Field Work 4


Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power -
       Augusta, ME Office

Central Maine Power        Lineman

Central Maine Power        Linemen

Central Maine Power
       Hybrid Bucket Truck 1



CNG Operations Center

CNG Field Work 1

CNG Field Work 2

CNG Field Work 3


Avangrid Renewables      

Avangrid Renewables        Wind, Big Horn, WA

Avangrid Renewables
       Wind Farmers City, MO

Avangrid Renewables       Solar Copper Crossing, AZ

Avangrid Renewables        Cogen Klamat, OR

Avangrid Renewables        Portland, OR
       Brewery Block

Avangrid Renewables
       Portland, OR
       Financial Building


Maine Natural Gas      

Maine Natural Gas Office

Maine Natural Gas Truck



NYSEG Kirkwood
       Corporate Drive Office

NYSEG Brewster

NYSEG Bucket Truck

NYSEG Lineman

NYSEG Service Vehicle

NYSEG Electric Vehicle



RG&E Main Office

 RG&E Rochester Office

RG&E Line Crew 1

RG&E Line Crew 2

RG&E Substation 1

RG&E Substation 2

RG&E Underground



SCG Operations Center

SCG Truck

SCG Field Work 1

SCG Field Work 2


SCG Field Work 3

SCG Gas Leak




UI Office Front

UI Office

UI Lineman

UI Utility Work Ahead

UI Truck 1

UI Truck 2


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