Corporate Governance 

Avangrid Networks

Board of Directors Composition 

As provided by Article Three, Section 3.1 of the By-Laws, the Board of Directors will consist of a minimum of three Directors and a maximum of 11. At least one-third of the Directors must be Independent Directors. The current number of members of the Board of Directors is set at eight (8). There are three (3) Independent Directors.

The Board of Directors is currently made up of the following Directors: 


 Armando Martinez

 Chairperson  Non-Executive and Non-Independent

 Robert D. Kump

 Chief Executive Officer     Executive and Non-Independent

 Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros Herrera

 Member  Non-Executive and Non-Independent

 Betsy Henley-Cohn


 Non-Executive and Independent

 Jose Izaguirre Nazar

 Member  Non-Executive and Non-Independent

 Robert John Duffy

 Lead Independent Director  Non-Executive and Independent
 Harvey G. Stenger


 Non-Executive and Independent

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is Alistair Y. Raymond.