system automation

During the next ten years, Avangrid Networks will invest heavily to modernize and update hundreds of its electric substations in Maine and New York.

We'll install new digital switches and other components to automate all substation functions. In many instances, these upgraded substations will be able to "fix" circuit errors and automatically restore power rapdily without the need for human intervention.

We'll also improve the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) communication systems that connect the transmission and distribution systems with our control centers. These improved SCADA systems will give us a much better picture of the entire grid and allow stonger yet finer control of our electric equipment. Having more information and a sure method to act on it without the need to send a crew to the location, will let us identify and respond to outages much faster and much safer than before.

In addition to substation improvements, Avangrid Networks will install hundreds of line reclosers across its distribution system. These reclosers can quickly and automatically restore power to a line that's had a momentary interruption - like a falling tree branch - that caused a short circuit.