environmental principles

As an affiliate of the Iberdrola Group, we are committed to the principles and actions expressed in the Iberdrola Environmental Policy [PDF] detailed below. Our environmental management systems and procedures are designed to support and promote successful implementation of the policy throughout our organization.

The environment is a determining factor in all human activities and a competitiveness factor for companies. Aware of the importance of this factor in carrying out its corporate mission, Iberdrola undertakes to promote innovation in this field and eco-efficiency (reduction of the environmental impact per production unit), to gradually reduce the environmental impacts of its activities, facilities, products and services, as well as to use its best efforts to harmonize the conduct of its activities with the legitimate right of future generations to enjoy an adequate environment.

Such commitment is assumed and promoted through this Policy, in order for the various levels of the organization to gradually make consideration of and respect for the environment a part of the planning and subsequent implementation of all the actions of the Company.
In addition, all employees of the Company will contribute with their daily work to the
achievement of the targets set in this field.

To achieve the implementation of these commitments, the Company’s actions shall be guided by the following basic principles:

INTEGRATE fully the environmental dimension and respect for the natural environment into the Company’s strategy.

ENSURE at all times the compatibility of financial profit with environmental protection through innovation and ecoefficiency.

INCORPORATE the environmental dimension into investment decision processes and the planning and carrying out of activities, promoting the consideration thereof in cost-benefit analysis.

ESTABLISH appropriate management systems that help to reduce environmental risk and that include:

  • Strict compliance with the law, the various international commitments executed and internal regulations on environmental matters applicable to the activities, facilities, products and services of the Company, bearing in mind as well legislative trends and the latest international practices, and putting procedures in place that will allow the
    Company to know and control compliance with such commitments.
  • On-going efforts to identify, asses and reduce the adverse environmental effects of the activities, facilities, products and services of the Company.
  • Provision of information to and training of employees on the effects of the development of the Company’s processes and products to minimize the detrimental effects of its activities on their health and on the environment. 
  • Development of plans and programs setting objectives and goals, updating of emergency plans and performance of internal audits that will make it possible to reduce risks, minimize adverse environmental effects and regularly control the progress and effectiveness of the measures applied, fostering the on-going improvement of the Company’s processes and practices.

RESPECT nature, biodiversity and the historical and artistic heritage in the natural environment where the Company’s facilities are located.

FOSTER research and development of new technologies and processes that help to address climate change and other environmental challenges with a preventive approach, allow for a more efficient use of natural resources and permit progress towards a more sustainable energy model.

PROMOTE behavior in line with the principles of this policy among the principal stakeholders of the Company, assigning positive value to alignment therewith, particularly in the selection of contractors and suppliers.

ESTABLISH a constructive dialogue with Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, shareholders, customers, local communities and other stakeholders in
order to:

  • Work jointly in the search for solutions to environmental problems. 
  • Contribute to the development of a useful public policy from the environmental standpoint that is efficient in economic terms.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of taking measures to reduce greenhouse gases.

REPORT transparently on environmental results and actions, establishing the appropriate channels to favor communication with the principal stakeholders.