Powell Creek Solar

Powell Creek Solar

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The Powell Creek Solar Project (Project) is a 150 MWac solar facility which will be located on approximately 1,350 acres of privately-owned land in Palmer and Liberty Townships, Putnam County, Ohio. The Project will produce solar-powered electricity that will maximize energy production from available solar resources in order to deliver clean, renewable electricity to Ohio customers.

The Project will consist of photovoltaic panels, along with access roads, electric collection cables, a collection substation, a laydown area for construction staging, an operation and maintenance building, and pyranometers. The energy generated at the Project will deliver power to the new interconnection substation located adjacent to the East Leipsic-Richland 138 kilovolt transmission line. The Project is expected to generate enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes per year.

The Project will provide significant economic stimulus to the area during construction by providing jobs and local contracts for goods and services, and significant long-term revenue to landowners and the community. It is estimated that the Project will contribute over $31 million to local taxing jurisdictions over the life of the facility, with over $5 million going to the Putnam County’s general fund. In addition, the Project will make annual impact payments to Miller City which are expected to catalyze approximately $3.5 million in new investments, enabling Miller City to construct and install a new wastewater treatment system and provide for future growth of the municipality. The Project will represent approximately $150 million in direct investment in Putnam County and will support as many as 400 jobs during project construction.

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    • Board Information

      Ohio Power Siting Board Standard Application Process


      Before filing a standard certificate application, the applicant may request a pre-application conference. The conference serves as an opportunity for clarification of the OPSB’s rules and regulations, identification of potential problems with the project and notification of possible requests for waivers or departures from the OPSB’s rules.

      Public informational meeting

      Prior to any formal filings, the applicant is required to hold a public informational meeting. This meeting provides an opportunity for public input and concerns to be gathered by the applicant to aid in preparing an application. This meeting, along with public notice, also serves to advise affected parties of the upcoming project.

      The application

      After holding the public informational meeting, the application for the proposed facility is filed with the OPSB. The application must describe the anticipated impacts of the facility on the surrounding area. Applications for electric transmission lines and gas pipelines must also include information on two routes and discuss the need for the facility. While one of the routes is designated “preferred” by the applicant, both routes must be viable. The preferred designation does not indicate any favor or prior approval of the Board.

      ithin 60 days of application receipt, the OPSB notifies the applicant as to whether or not the application complies with the statute sufficiently to continue with review of the application. If it does not, the application is found to be in noncompliance until the deficiencies are corrected. When the application is determined to be in compliance, it is served on local public officials in the area of the project and legal notices are published in local newspapers. Also during this period, interested parties have the opportunity to be recognized as interveners in the case.

      Link to OPSB docket, including Application and all Exhibits: https://dis.puc.state.oh.us/CaseRecord.aspx?Caseno=20-1084&link=DIVA

      Link to Application Narrative: https://dis.puc.state.oh.us/TiffToPDf/A1001001A20J07B00043I01230.pdf

      Staff report

      The OPSB staff reviews the application and consults with other interested state and federal agencies. A staff report containing the staff’s findings and recommendations is made available prior to the start of the hearings. This staff report becomes a part of the evidence in each case, but the Board is not bound by the staff’s recommendations.


      Local public and adjudicatory hearings are held by the OPSB. The hearings enable citizens, interest groups and governmental entities to present testimony. An administrative law judge, who is an attorney, presides over the hearings in the capacity of a judge. A court reporter records all proceedings and testimony. Following the hearings, the Board makes its ruling based on the case record.

      Rehearing and appeals

      Once the Board issues its decision, parties may file for rehearing of the decision with the Board. Following the completion of the Board’s rehearing process, decisions made by the Board may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio.

      To contact the Ohio Power Siting Board:

      180 East Broad Street

      Columbus, Ohio 43215




      Certification Process

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      How to request notification of the Public Hearing

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      Avangrid Renewables, LLC is a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. and part of the IBERDROLA Group. It is a leading renewable energy company in the United States, owning and operating a portfolio of renewable energy generation facilities primarily using wind power. IBERDROLA, S.A., is an energy pioneer with the largest renewable asset base of any company in the world. Avangrid Renewables is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

      For more information, visit   www.avangrid.com/aboutus/renewables  

      AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) is a leading, sustainable energy company with approximately $35 billion in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states. With headquarters in Orange, Connecticut, AVANGRID has two primary lines of business: Avangrid Networks and Avangrid Renewables. Avangrid Networks owns eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving more than 3.3 million customers in New York and New England. Avangrid Renewables owns and operates a portfolio of renewable energy generation facilities across the United States. AVANGRID employs approximately 6,600 people. AVANGRID supports the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals and was named among the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2019 and 2020 by the Ethisphere Institute.

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