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2020-02-20 Cause for Community Celebration: New Missouri Wind Farm Dedicated Today in Atchison County
2019-10-31 Portland proclaims 40th anniversary of Earth Day "A Day of Recognition for Andy Linehan"
2019-10-31 Congressman Grijalva and Energy Leaders Celebrate Arizona’s Newest Solar Project at Dedication Event in Florence
2019-10-31 PPM Announces 175 MW of New Wind, More to Come
2019-10-31 PacifiCorp purchases Leaning Juniper 1 wind project
2019-10-31 Gov. Edward Rendell, Energy Leaders and Somerset County Families Celebrate New Wind Farm Rising Above Former Coal Mine
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables extends and expands existing PPA with Modesto Irrigation District
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Funds Wind Technician Training in Ohio
2019-10-31 PPM Announces 221 MW Klondike III Wind Project
2019-10-31 Desert Community Welcomes its Newest Wind Energy Neighbor
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables, Freebird Gas Storage sponsor school supplies in two Lamar County schools, joins fight against swine flu
2019-10-31 PPM Hires Canadian Wind Expert to Expand Calgary Office
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces One of Arizona's First Wind Power Projects
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Sells Entire Output of Region's Largest Biomass Energy Project
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces Reverse RFP for 593 MW of Wind Farm Renewable Energy Proposals
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Adds 528 MW of Wind Power in 2003
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Sells the Entire Pebble Springs Wind Farm Output
2019-10-31 Eastern Oregon's Klondike Wind Power Projects Serve as Testing Ground for Next-Generation Turbine Technology
2019-10-31 Pilot Project Seeks to Put More Clean Energy on the Grid
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables announces second wind farm in Brookings County
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables and partners dedicate Elm Creek Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 PPM Buys Klondike Plant from Northwestern Wind Power
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Names Two New Officers
2019-10-31 Klamath Cogen Recognized as Nation’s Top Power Plant
2019-10-31 PPM Announces 100 MW Leaning Juniper Wind Project
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces 50-MW PPA with the City of Santa Clara
2019-10-31 Suzlon signs one of the largest contracts in the history of US wind power industry
2019-10-31 PPM Energy sells out 150 MW Shiloh Wind Project
2019-10-31 PPM breaks ground on MinnDakota wind farm for Xcel Energy
2019-10-31 ENSTOR Announces Open Season for Houston Storage Hub Firm Service
2019-10-31 Oregon Governor, Washington Lt. Gov. Join FPL Energy, PPM to Dedicate Largest Wind Farm in the West
2019-10-31 PPM announces 150 MW Kansas wind farm
2019-10-31 Maple Ridge Wind Farm Celebrates Clean Energy for the Empire State
2019-10-31 Federal and State Agencies Publish Final Environmental Documents for the Tule Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 PPM Energy announces Twin Buttes wind farm in Colorado
2019-10-31 PPM and Clipper Windpower Dedicate Wind Plant in Iowa
2019-10-31 PPM Energy's Trimont Area Wind Farm goes commercial
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables invests $1.4 billion in wind power in the U.S. in first 9 months of 2008
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Signs Turbine Contract with General Electric
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Presents First ABPP Wildlife Program Awards
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Conducts Industry-first Bat Study at Pennsylvania Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 PPM and Zilkha Announce Maple Ridge Wind Farm Landmark Project Will Quadruple New York Wind Energy Capacity
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables completes construction of Rugby, North Dakota wind plant
2019-10-31 PPM Announces Acquisition of Atlantic Renewable
2019-10-31 Arizona's First Wind Farm Wins Award, Brings Together U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar, Energy Leaders and Navajo County Families to Dedicate Dry Lake Wind
2019-10-31 Coalition Files Complaint Against Bonneville Power Administration for Breaking Contracts, Undue Economic Discrimination
2019-10-31 Governor Freudenthal, FPL Energy and PPM Energy Dedicate Wyoming Wind Energy Center
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables awarded nearly $251 million in Treasury grants to generate more jobs, more clean energy
2019-10-31 SRP Buys Entire Output of Iberdrola Renewables' Dry Lake 2 Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 Shiloh Shows California Leadership in Clean Air, Energy Independence
2019-10-31 Klamath Cogeneration Plant Earns ISO 14001 Registration
2019-10-31 PPM adds 144-megawatt Wyoming plant to its wind portfolio
2019-10-31 Klondike Wind Power Plant Dedicated to Growing Renewable Energy
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables and PPM Energy Name Two New Officers in Renewable Energy Business
2019-10-31 ENSTOR Expands Waha, Acquires Grama Ridge
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables' Barrett Stambler Earns the AWEA Commercial Achievement Award
2019-10-31 PPM Expands its Natural Gas Storage Business
2019-10-31 Congressional Delegation, Local Elected Officials and Community Celebrate S.D.'s Newest Wind Power
2019-10-31 Twelve New Wind Turbines Nearing Completion at New Hampshire's First Wind Project
2019-10-31 New York's Newest Wind Farm Now Under Construction
2019-10-31 Record US Wind Output Boosts Second Quarter Generation
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Meets Strong Western Renewables Demand with Klondike III Wind Power Project Sales to Customers Across the Grid
2019-10-31 BPA and PPM Ink 25-year Wind Power Pact
2019-10-31 Trimont Area Wind Farm Celebrates Dedication
2019-10-31 PPM Announces 200 MW Big Horn Wind Project
2019-10-31 PPM Adds Southern California Plant to its Wind Portfolio
2019-10-31 PPM builds more Midwestern wind power with Iowa plant
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables releases first company-wide Avian and Bat Protection Plan calling for Wildlife and Habitat Protection
2019-10-31 Maple Ridge Wind Farm Completes First Year of Study
2019-10-31 ENSTOR Announces Open Season for Houston Storage Hub
2019-10-31 FirstEnergy Subsidiary Signs Power Purchase Agreement with PPM Energy for Wind Power in PA
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables, BWEC second year of ground-breaking bat study again shows large reduction in bat mortality
2019-10-31 Region's Newest Renewable Biomass Energy Project Reaches Commercial Operation
2019-10-31 A Rising Star in Southern Oregon
2019-10-31 PPM Energy is now Iberdrola Renewables
2019-10-31 PPM Enters Midwest Wind Business
2019-10-31 FERC Orders BPA to Halt Discriminatory Transmission Practices in Landmark Case
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables boosts Klamath Cogen Plant efficiency and megawatts, wins another safety award
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces Solar Power Sale in Colorado
2019-10-31 U.S. Department of the Interior Issues Federal Approval of Iberdrola Renewables’ Tule Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Group Net Earnings Up 1.3% in 2012
2019-10-31 Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer Address Local Families at OMSI in Support of Wind Energy Job Growth in Oregonn
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Seeks to Build New Wind Farm in New Hampshire
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables, BWEC ground-breaking bat study shows more than 70 percent reduction in bat mortality
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables’ Stu Webster Earns Environmental Excellence Award
2019-10-31 FPL Energy and PPM Energy Dedicate Largest Wind Farm in California
2019-10-31 PacifiCorp Power Marketing Signs 20-Year Supply Deal with Seattle City Light
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces PPAs with ComEd and Ameren
2019-10-31 Sen. DorganEnergy Leaders and Pierce County Families Celebrate North Dakota’s Newest Wind Farm at Dedication Event in Rugby
2019-10-31 3TIER Predicts Wind at Stateline Wind Energy Center for PPM
2019-10-31 American Wind Energy Association Honors PPM
2019-10-31 Avista buys more energy from PPM
2019-10-31 PPM secures 300 MW of new wind turbines
2019-10-31 EWEB and PPM Sign 25-year Wind Power Deal
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables and FirstEnergy Solutions Sign Agreement for Largest Wind Power Project in Ohio
2019-10-31 Kansas's Largest Wind Energy Farm Dedicated to Power on the Prairie
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Begins Advanced Development at its Wild Meadows Wind Farm
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Completes Three New Wind Farms
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Sells First North Dakota Wind Farm Output to Missouri River Energy Services
2019-10-31 Newest Texas Wind Farm Cause for Community Celebration, Brings Energy Industry Leaders to Kenedy County on the Gulf Coast
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables plant upgrades, new maintenance pact with Siemens to boost Klamath Cogen's efficiency and megawatts
2019-10-31 Gov. Ritter, Community Celebrate Colorado’s Newest Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 Two power contracts totaling 125 MW signed for PPM Energy's Shiloh Wind Project
2019-10-31 Governor Lynch, Senator Shaheen, Energy Leaders and Area Families Celebrate New Hampshire's First Wind Farm at Dedication Event in Lempster
2019-10-31 PPM Explores Canadian Wind Market
2019-10-31 Construction Continues at Iberdrola Renewables’ Baffin Wind Farm in Texas
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Contract Will Help Puget Sound Energy Meet Customers’ Peak Power Needs
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables provides more clean wind power to M-S-R Public Power Agency from Big Horn 2 Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 PPM Energy is coming
2019-10-31 Local County Vote Paves Way for Iberdrola Renewables to Begin Construction at Baffin Wind Farm in Texas
2019-10-31 Major US Wind Power Installer Hails Recovery Act As Driver of Job Creation, Ongoing Domestic Investment
2019-10-31 PPM Energy funds wind tech training to support industry growth
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Supplies 50 Megawatts to We Energies from Barton Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables uses nearly $300 million in Treasury grants to generate green jobs, clean energy
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Orders 405MW of 2.4MW Wind Turbines from Mitsubishi
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces 100-MW PPA with San Diego Gas & Electric
2019-10-31 PPM Energy, City of Klamath Falls reach agreement for PPM to acquire 506 MW Klamath Cogeneration Plant
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces Second Trimont Area Wind Farm Starts Construction
2019-10-31 Big Horn Wind Power Project Celebrates Partners for a Powerful Future
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables' Gary LeMoine Earns Safety Award
2019-10-31 Award-winning Klamath Cogeneration Plant Adds to its Wall of Fame
2019-10-31 Washington Bluebirds Get a Boost From Wind Energy Developer
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Signs Deal for Solar Energy Plant in Arizona
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces First Missouri Wind Project
2019-10-31 CVPS to Purchase Deerfield Wind Power
2019-10-31 PPM secures 200 MW of new wind turbines
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables provides more clean wind power to Modesto Irrigation District from Star Point project
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables starts biomass energy construction in Lakeview, Ore.
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces Additional Blue Creek Wind Farm Customer
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces Permit Application for North Carolina Wind Power Project
2019-10-31 NREL and Private Industry Begin Nationwide Solar Measuring Network
2019-10-31 EPA, DOE, CRS to Honor National Green Power Leaders
2019-10-31 PPM Energy's Andrew Linehan Earns the AWEA Special Achievement Award
2019-10-31 ScottishPower's Canadian Operations Changes Name to PPM Energy Canada Ltd.
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables helps STEC double its wind power
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Supplies 30 Megawatts to the City of Bryan from the Peñascal 2 Wind Project
2019-10-31 Klamath Cogen continues history of environmental stewardship with latest contribution to The Climate Trust
2019-10-31 Three new wind customers buy 100 MW from PPM
2019-10-31 Award-Winning Klamath Cogeneration Plant Dedicated
2019-10-31 Region's Largest Renewable Biomass Energy Project Announced
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Names New North American Executive Vice President
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables Announces 30-MW PPA with Upper Midwest Municipal Power Agency
2019-10-31 Renewable Energy Leaders, Oregon Elected Officials and Sherman County Community Celebrate the State's Newest Wind Power Projects
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Completes Purchase of 506 MW Klamath Cogeneration Plant
2019-10-31 PPM Energy Names New Wind Business Officers
2019-10-31 Van Wert County Celebrates New Year with New Funding
2019-10-31 Iberdrola Renewables sells Wind Farm Output to Snohomish PUD
2019-10-31 PPM secures more turbines for expanded wind business growth
2019-10-31 First Landowner-developed Wind Farm To Start Construction
2019-10-31 Celebrating Massachusetts’ Largest Wind Farm:
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