Shared Facilities


Avangrid Networks has a building at the following locations that is shared by Transmission Function Employees and Marketing Function Employees:

  • New York State Electric & Gas / Rochester Gas & Electric Corp
    Kirkwood General Office
    18 Link Drive
    Binghamton, NY 13904

These facilities include Marketing Function Employees and Transmission Function employees who are located in different sections of the building. Marketing Function Employees are not allowed access to the transmission system control room or energy control center, which requires card access and is controlled through system-wide security policies and procedures.

Posting Requirements

A transmission provider must post on its Internet Web site a complete list of the employee-staffed facilities shared by any of the transmission provider's transmission function employees and marketing function employees. The list must include the types of facilities shared and the addresses of the facilities.

Timing of Posting

Shared Facilities must be posted within seven business days of any change.

Code of Federal Regulation

18 CFR 358.7 (e)(2)

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