Employee Transfers


Central Maine Power


New York State Electric and Gas


Rochester Gas & Electric


United Illuminating


Posting Requirements

A transmission provider must post a notice on its Internet Web site of any transfer of a transmission function employee to a position as a marketing function employee, or any transfer of a marketing function employee to a position as a transmission function employee. The information posted under this section must remain on its Internet Web site for 90 days. No such job transfer may be used as a means to circumvent any provision of this part. The information to be posted must include:
(i) The name of the transferring employee,
(ii) The respective titles held while performing each function, and
(iii) The effective date of the transfer.

Timing of Posting

Transfers must be posted within seven business days of the transfer days and retained for 90 days.

Code of Federal Regulation

18 CFR 358.7 (f)(2)

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