Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies

Our Corporate Policies further develop the principles underlying the Corporate Governance System of Avangrid and contain the guidelines that govern the activities of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as its directors, managers, officers, and employees.

The following link provides access to the full text or a summary of the Avangrid Governance and Sustainability Systems.

FERC and CFTC Compliance

Supplementing the ethical compliance program, Avangrid Renewables also has a FERC and CFTC compliance office. This Office is an independent internal area reporting to the Board of Managers of the Company with accountability to manage the area of FERC and CFTC compliance for the purpose of the prevention and correction of any issues, such as perceived or actual misconduct, as defined by FERC and CFTC law. For compliance clarity, Avangrid Renewables publishes its Separation of Activities Protocol which can be found here: Separation of Activities Protocol and its Price Reporting Code of Conduct which can be found here: Price Reporting Code of Conduct.

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