Renewables In Your Community

Trust and Respect

Avangrid works hard to earn the trust and respect of the communities where we do business and by behaving in a transparent and forthright manner. We believe in developing and maintaining strong relationships with landowners and our local communities.

We work hard to meet or exceed local permitting, wildlife, and other standards through public meetings and events, official filings, and other activities.

Community Sponsorship

The company may periodically also make selective donations of money, goods, or company-sanctioned employee volunteer hours in support of our local communities and their activities.

The parameters for where and how such donations are made is detailed in the Community Sponsorship Guidelines. This policy covers: sponsorship types and their availability; the expectation that an internal advocate will act on the applicant's behalf; how the application and decision-making process works; and corporate reporting and publicity expectations.

These guidelines also require each applicant organization to complete a Community Sponsorship Application form


Landowner News

Renewable energy is electricity made on farms, ranches and ridgelines. Avangrid Renewables makes long-term agreements to site assets such as turbines, substations and access roads on local landowners’ properties. We pay landowners for those rights, but we own those assets and so pay any local taxes accordingly. Read our quarterly newsletter that hits thousands of mailboxes surrounding our assets across the country: Check it out here - (will lead to the current issue PDF of Landowner News).


Document Libraries

Individual communities may periodically request or require that we share project permitting documents we file with agencies and permitting authorities. The following projects currently have such information posted:

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