total rewards


What is Total Rewards? 
"Total" in Total Rewards emphasizes the importance of working as a team and that each individual employee is part of a bigger picture.

"Rewards" in Total Rewards emphasizes the "do something, get something" concept. A reward does not simply fall into your lap, but that you have to earn it. AVANGRID is very focused on achieving results, and those that contribute in meaningful ways to those results and the Company’s success are rewarded.

"Transforming Our Future Through Results"
This tagline is meant to reflect our overall philosophy for all of these rewards programs: We are
a results-oriented, performance-driven company and our rewards programs are designed to support that.

The tagline is also intended to emphasize that our employees impact their own future, that of the company and that of the communities we live in through the results we achieve as a team. Through the results employees achieve, you can have a near-term impact on your cash compensation, the Company’s success, and the prosperity of your community.

AVANGRID cannot achieve these results without our employees. Each employee contributes to the Company’s success by doing their job as effectively as possible.

AVANGRID has strong expectations of our employees, however our Total Rewards
Program is designed to recognize, reward and support employees who meet and exceed
those expectations.

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