reducing emissions

AVANGRID strives to reduce its carbon footprint, and encourages our customers to do the same.

One of our most significant environmental initiatives is the ongoing reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions. We’ve taken the concept of sustainability to heart and have shrunk our carbon footprint through a variety of methods including:

  • Eliminating vehicle use where possible, such as using Advanced Metering Infrastructure to avoid vehicle travel  
  • Improving fuel efficiency for our fleet vehicles – including increasing the use of hybrids
  • Decommissioning our fossil-fuel generation plants
  • Upgrading our hydroelectric generation capacity
  • Increasing overall energy efficiency in our buildings
  • Encouraging and rewarding our customers to conserve energy 
  • Supporting the increased use of advanced technologies such as AMI to empower consumers and enable dynamic electricity pricing
  • Reduction of SF6 emissions from breakers
  • Detecting and repairing leaks in our natural gas distribution systems

AVANGRID acknowledges that climate change requires a shift in thinking as well as meaningful changes in how we conduct our business. Our desire to protect the environment grows stronger as the level of climate change increases, and we experience more weather-related catastrophes like hurricane Sandy. The AVANGRID companies are committed to:

  • Continuously monitor and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Improve our operational efficiency
  • Engage our supply chain in supporting sustainable business practices
  • Provide our customers with opportunities to cut their energy use
  • Communicate the results of our efforts on a regular basis